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Blue Oyster Grow Kit [Indoor, Beginner Friendly/Intermediate]

Blue Oyster Grow Kit [Indoor, Beginner Friendly/Intermediate]

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Blue Oyster are a delightfully beautiful mushroom to grow. With their icy blue caps when young and outstanding yields, our blue oyster kits are sure to impress. Many people begin their mushroom growing journey with Blue Oysters, just be mindful that they need a bit more airflow than most. Keeping cool and darker environment will really bring out the colours in the mushrooms. 

Our Blue Oysters achieve outstanding yields compared to any others on the market. We use the exact same ingredients to maximize yields at our farm and have taken years to develop these kits. 

Kits may be refrigerated for 3+ months to delay fruiting out the kit. 

2.5 lbs kit

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