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Wine Cap Mushroom Spawn [Outdoor, perennial]

Wine Cap Mushroom Spawn [Outdoor, perennial]

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Wine Caps are a fantastic mushroom for outdoor growing. Robust, easy, and consistent in even in difficult conditions, this is our #1 recommendation for outdoor growing. Though we love a variety in the mushroom garden, Wine Caps will always have their place as a staple. Simply add hardwood chips or fresh straw to a bed or mulch in the garden, and add the Wine Cap spawn. The wine caps will use this as a food source, continually make compost, help plants grow, and provide mushrooms from early summer to fall when watered often. A delight in the garden and great in a stir fry with garden veggies. Note that Wine Cap mycelium attracts and abundance of all types of pollinators. Our pet name for Wine Caps is the "Garden Helper"- because they actually help, and abundantly so. 

Kit may be stored in the fridge for up to 5 months. Wine caps can freeze, and can be put in the garden any time the ground can be dug. 

2.5 lbs of spawn. 



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